Reusable Medical Waste Containers

We offer:

-17 Gallon containers
-31 Gallon containers
-43 Gallon containers
-96 Gallon containers

The reusable medical waste containers are specifically designed for the transport of red bag bio-hazardous medical waste, Rehrig Healthcare Systems’ reusable, DOT and OSHA compliant RMW containers can be counted on to safely transport waste from all points of generation to disposal. Rehrig Healthcare Systems’ containers are also adaptable both for locations which require lab lids for specialized waste and for areas where lidless standalone RMW containers are needed to collect bulk red bag waste. The recommended bag size is 45″ × 49″. Optional dollies are also available.

• Nest-able, stack-able, and compatible with each other
• Corrugated walls for added strength
• Reinforced handles that won’t flex under load
• Smooth interior for easy cleaning
• Durable base and drag rails
• Optional bar code / RFID tracking capabilities
• DOT approved PGII rated
• Split lid with added structure for stacking heavy loads
• Split lids positively lock for secure storage and transfer
• Integrated areas for zip-ties, use not required
• Designated textured areas for easy label application and removal
• Proprietary HDPE resin contains anti-microbial additives
• Lids are repairable and interchangeable

Lab Lids:

Rehrig Healthcare Systems’ one-piece reusable Lab Lid fits securely and opens easily with a wide opening for disposal of specialized waste in locations which require lidded containers. Lab lids can be easily removed for container or bag collection and reused or installed on a new container. Lab lids fit both 31 Gallon and 43 Gallon RMW Containers.
• Snaps easily into place on both the 31 gallon and 43 gallon containers
• Easily removable for security and transport purposes
• Lid raises and releases easily for safe disposal
• Rugged corrugated design prevents warping and bowing
• Large opening for 2 gallon disposable sharps containers
• Holds bags securely in place
• Made with recycled material


Rehrig Healthcare Systems’ Dolly for Regulated Medical Waste Containers allows easy-rolling within facilities or for collection when containers are full. Just empty the bag or replace the container and roll it back in place. Dollies fit both 31 Gallon and 43 Gallon RMW Containers.
• Quiet rolling, non-marking casters
• Large 3″ wheel for transporting over thresholds
• Designed for both 31 gallon & 43 gallon containers
• Made with recycled material

Consult with one of our Team Members to see which container fits your needs.

28, 31, 41, 96 gallon containers are all DOT approved.